PDR Tools

Paintless Dent Repair tools are a big investment. Here at Paintless Dent Repair University we include tool instruction in every hands-on class: Fundamentals, Advanced, and Master Crush. We include instruction on tool types, construction, manufacturers, and usage.  Students use tools from some of the best equipment manufacturers in the PDR industry.

No,  We have the class tuition cost without tools included as an option for a student that already has tools or due to budgetary constraints.

PDR Tools is a major investment when starting paintless dent repair. You must learn about PDR tools and equipment before buying them. We do not force you to buy PDR Tools from us like other training companies.  We instruct about the different tools and tool equipment manufacturers. Plus, we are an education source not tool company making profits off the equipment sales.

Yes. We use tools from different manufacturers so that you will learn the manufacturer tool designs and quality. All tools and equipment is provided and you need to bring nothing to class. But, if you have your own equipment, bring it to class so you can learn to be proficient with it during training.

You will be provided with a detailed paintless dent repair tool list in class. We will discuss vendors, tools, and accessories in class. We will have catalogues provided by the major tool manufactures so you can use them as a reference. This list is just to point you in the right direction on what you will need. We do not get a kick back or make a profit on any tools you purchase.

The quality tool manufacturers in the PDR Industry are here in the United States. The Chinese made tools are very low quality due to the metal used and lack of heat treatment. Stay away from these tools. There are other PDR training companies pushing these inferior tools on students. By packaging these tools as a bundle with training, travel, and lodging, these training companies are hiding the true cost and inferior quality of these tools. A list follows of tool manufactures that a majority of PDR Technician source their tools and equipment.

A-1 PDR Tool Company


A-1 Tool and Paintless Dent Removal go hand in hand.  We have a legacy of providing exceptional Paintless Dent Removal Tools for the entire PDR industry at affordable prices and with excellent customer service.


Since the early days of Paintless Dent Removal, A-1 Tool has had the role of providing exceptional tools for those who worked in secret massaging metal back to its original shape.  Our craftsmen have more than a century worth of experience in designing and manufacturing these amazing PDR Tools.  We take pride in our tools.  We select the highest quality material and strive to build only the best tools for hail damage, door dings, large damage and complex repairs. 

Training facilites continue to rely on us as THE paintless dent removal tool supplier.  Countless men and women in the PDR industry began their career using our tools!  Many professional dent technicians still use their original A-1 Tools and continue to try our latest and greatest designs.   


You can trust our prices.  We price our PDR tools to be affordable for everyone.  We do not mark up our prices just to give discounts.  Whether you are just joining the brotherhood of PDR professionals, a seasoned Dent Tech or have a PDR Training facility, our honest pricing is something you can count on!  We aim to supply all PDR Technicians with eveything they will need to get the job done.  From the most complicated tool design to a simple accessory, you will save money by choosing A-1 Tool. 


We maintain the largest inventory of Paintless Dent Repair Tools in the PDR industry.  We build tools year around and keep our shelves well stocked.  We offer our customers same-day shipping on most orders.  We offer all of the tools and accessories you will need to get your job done.  No pre-orders.  If you see our tools online, we have it in stock and ready to ship right away! 

Whether you are just beginning a career in Paintless Dent Repair or you are a seasoned PDR technician, A-1 Tool has the PDR tools you will need to get the job done!ER: “You can pay more…but you can’t buy better!” 

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a process for removing minor dents, dings and hail damage from automobiles. PDR saves time and money over conventional repair. It is also very convenient for the automobile owner with repairs taking only minutes or hours compared to days with filling, sanding and repainting.

This process when applicable does more to restore and preserve the value of an automobile than any other alternative. Upon resale there is always uncertainty of the damage the new paint is covering up. PDR preserves the factory finish. PDR is very compatible with increased environmental concerns since no painting is involved. PDR is an automotive service whose time has come. Owners and insurance companies across the country are discovering and embracing this new service.

Dentcraft Tools are carefully designed for the professional dent tech. Each tool size and design fits a logical sequence of use conditions. Dentcraft Tools incorporate the standard industry practices and conditions in the automotive industry with the ergonomics and working ranges required by the dent tech. We produce the finest most thorough set of PDR tools in the industry.

Dentcraft Tools have the highest strength to size ratio in the industry. Dentcraft Tools consulted with professional metallurgists to choose the appropriate steel for each particular tool. We use several different high carbon steels in a set. In quality control testing our material choices far exceed the stainless steel tools in strength. Our high carbon, hard tempered spring steel is costly to produce, but to the serious PDR professional, Dentcraft Tools strength and design will meet or exceed your expectations.

Dentcraft Tools are designed for speed and comfort. Color-coded handles allow quick identification. There is always a reason a dent cannot be reached, whether size or length of the tool. Now you can quickly identify and move to the correct tool. Challenged to reduce the total number and weight of the tools to as few as possible without compromising the thoroughness and strength required, we were proud to introduce this set in 1997 and are equally proud to continue on with the Company set. With constant feed back from our customers and manufacturing changes we have continuously improved and upgraded the original set with no price increases. In 2011 the Company set is still only $1995.00. In fact we lowered the prices of many individual tools.

To meet the needs of this ever evolving trade we now manufacture many additional tools than the company set includes. These additional tools, Dentcraft Tools manufactures, qualify for a 35% discount off individual price with the purchase of the Company set.

In other words, when you buy a Company set for $1995.00 (which is now 35% off individual prices) you can purchase 1 (per Company set purchased) of each new tool we manufacture to “expand” your Company set at the same discount rate of 35%. This allows you to expand your Company set, to suit your needs, at the same great value.

Please feel free to contact us at any time at 1-888-738-6657 or at info@dentcraft.com. Our address is: 8118 Glade Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73132 Our office hours are Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (central standard time).

Ultra Dent Tools

Ultra Dent Tools was founded in 1998 in Riverside, CA. by Steve Hopf. Steve formerly owned California Customizing, a body shop well known for high quality custom paint & body work. With extensive background in the body shop business, he saw the need for Paintless Dent Repair tools in the industry. He started his own shop and since then has created the most innovative PDR tools and tool systems available. We now sell our products worldwide and offer the best quality and selection hands down.

We are the premier manufacturing and distributing company in the world for Paintless Dent Repair tools & accessories. We offer the widest product line available. Our tools have a unique patented handle design that sets our tools apart from all other Paintless Dent Repair tools. Our PDR tools are all stainless-steel and carry a lifetime warranty. Here at Ultra Dent Tools we constantly strive to create cutting edge PDR products. Due to our constant improvement of our product line designs, our customers get the best PDR products in the world. Our manufactured tool prices are usually higher than our competitors, that is true. But, just like the top-quality professional PDR technician, the price of top-quality tools is more than justified. You can’t find a higher-quality commercially manufactured and produced line of Paintless Dent Repair tools produced anywhere else in the world.

We offer the highest quality product line of Paintless Dent Removal tools and accessories. Our stainless-steel tools are precision machined then heat treated (hardened) to our specification to provide the strongest, most durable tools available. The tool tips are machined to smoother, more consistent ends to avoid cracks and breaks in the paint. Our special designed and patented handles are then welded to the tools. These handles are costlier to produce than simple open loop bends. They render the most strength and leverage with best level of comfort control on the market. These tools are highly polished then dipped in a durable baked rubber coating, which is available in several colors.

Dent Magic Tools

A History of Dentmagic Tools

Probably like you, when I started out as a paintless dent repair technician many years ago, I was met with my share of dent tools that failed to live up to the high standard of quality I invest in my work. I spent loads of effort and money on PDR tools that bent out of shape, rusted, or simply couldn’t access the dent. Finally, I knew I had to make a change. It was time for a serious paintless dent repair professional to create some tools that stood up to the grueling demands of the job.

The mission of Dentmagic Tools, Inc. is simple: make great, reliable PDR tools and equipment for a great price and true value without compromise. Dentmagic Tools accomplishes this by focusing on two specific areas. The first one of these focus areas is geared towards genuine innovation and efficient design. Our precision paintless dent repair craftsmen have more than decades worth of experience in terms of designing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest quality PDR tools available in the industry. Here at Dentmagic Tools, Inc., we find solutions to our customers problems, whereas, other paintless dent removal tool manufacturers produce a line of tools that are made from a cookie-cutter template. Many suppliers simply do not build custom PDR tools according to their customers specifications.

The second key area in which Dentmagic Tools strives for perfection is personable and reliable customer service. Dentmagic Tools maintains the largest inventory of quality paintless dent repair tools in the PDR industry so we can allow our customers the option of same-day shipping on most orders. PDR tools that have been manufactured by Dentmagic Tools, Inc. can be found throughout the many auto-assembly plants of Volkswagon, Nissan, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and BMW, as well as over 25,000 paintless dent repair technicians around the world. Whether you are just beginning a career in paintless dent repair or you are a seasoned PDR technician, Dentmagic Tools, Inc. has the tools you will need to get the job done.

Dent Magic Tools Inc. is providing an ever changing dent repair market with cutting edge paintless dent removal tools, training and technical support. We want to share our knowledge, dent tools and training with YOU. We guarantee the very best value for your money. All our PDR tools are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your paintless dent removal tool purchase, return it within 90 days and claim a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s confidence!

We value the ideas and feedback of our fellow technicians. We will treat you with honesty, respect and courtesy. That is synonymous with the way we do business. Take time to look through our PDR tool range. Then, test them out for yourself. Once you’ve experienced Dent Magic Tools quality, you’ll never settle for second best!

Custom Tools Available

We also custom-build tools to your precise specifications. Custom tool pricing and shipping time frame is based upon the individual custom order. We can usually have them ready in one week depending on the complexity of the requested tool. We can make any custom tool to your specs. All you have to do is fill out our Custom Tool Request form. There is a $10 – $15 extra charge for custom tools, the lead time is typically 1 week depending on request

Made in the USA

Dentmagic Tools, Inc. Products are all completely made in the USA, other than a few electrical resale items. We pride ourselves on the best quality and service in the PDR industry.

Lifetime Warranty

Dent Magic Tools, Inc. provides a lifetime guarantee against breakage under normal usage on all our Dent Magic manufactured dent tools. Any PDR tools returned for any other reason must be returned within 90 days of purchase to receive a full refund. Try our paintless dent repair tools for 90 days. If you are not 100% satisfied with any dent tool, just return it for a full refund.

PDR Finesse Tools

Auto body technicians have been using paintless dent repair (PDR) tools for years. These tools have evolved and changed over the years and Finesse Tool Company is on the cutting edge of new advances in the industry. Our full time research and development partner, Jason Mayberry works tirelessly to bring to you new products such as the Fold-n-Go Tool Cart and the Eagle Eyes Battery Powered Mini PDR Light. You can not buy a better PDR tools anywhere. Our handles are one of the things that make our tools unique. A lot of testing has gone into making our tools the best in the industry. We are always coming up with something new, that’s one of the things which keeps us excited about the PDR tool business. If you have a need or an idea for a tool that you can not buy, email it to: jasonwmayberry@yahoo.com. We are in this business to create solutions that make your work a pleasure. 

Finesse Tool Company is the name to know for stainless steel, Paintless Dent Repair tools. Our tools are put through rigorous testing to ensure a higher quality, and are the best stainless steel tools on the market. These tools are designed by Paintless Dent Repair technicians who really know the business. Plus, each tool is individually hand-made by professional metallurgists and skilled metal craftsmen. As a finished product, our tools are polished to give them a shine and brilliance that is far superior to any other tool. If you are looking for Whale Tails, Flag Tools, Tool Sets, Changeable Tip, Shaved, or Tools By Diameter, we have the tool you need. Contact us in Ava, Missouri for quality stainless steel, paintless dent repair tools for hail chasers, autobody & mobile techs. You might also see us on the road in our mobile truck known to some as the “Candy Store”.


Dentcraft Tools is pleased to announce that we have acquired Dent Gear branding, intellectual property, and the right to manufacture and sell Dent Gear tools. Dentcraft Tools will be starting the process of manufacturing a select number of Dent Gear tools and will eventually offer them as a separate line of tools on the DentcraftTools.com website.

Dent Gear tools made by Dentcraft will be marked with Dent Gear by Dentcraft Tools on the shaft of the tools. This will clarify that the tool was manufactured by Dentcraft Tools and will carry the warranty backed by Dentcraft.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When can I buy Dent Gear tools again?
A: We will post on social media and on our website when Dent Gear tools become available.

Q: Why can’t Dentcraft Tools fix the issue I had with Dent Gear before they bought them?
A: Dentcraft Tools purchased the rights to make Dent Gear tools; we did not “take over” the company.  We will manufacture tools designed by Dent Gear, hopefully rebuild the brand, and get some of the tools Dent Gear customers loved back in their hands.

Q: Will Dentcraft warranty old Dent Gear tools?
A: No, we are not able to warranty tools we did not make.  Only tools made by Dentcraft Tools will carry the Dentcraft Tools warranty

We hope to bring Dent Gear’s unique line of tools back to the market and we look forward to providing the customer service you’ve come to expect from Dentcraft Tools.


Blehm Tool Co is a family-owned and operated paintless dent removal tool manufacturer.

In 1991 Jerry Blehm left his 17 year career as an automotive technician to pursue a new career in the paintless dent removal (PDR) industry. In 1991 there were just a handful of people in the business and the only tools available were crude bars and bent screwdrivers. After completing a training course and working out in the field, Jerry saw a need for better tools for the trade. That winter was the start of a new era in PDR tools when Jerry founded the A-1 tool Company, Incorporated. The first company dedicated solely to the design and production of PDR tools. At the end 9 years, Jerry sold the business to pursue other interests. For the next five years Jerry looked at other business opportunities and worked hail storms while having new ideas for improved PDR tools. In the spring of 2006, Jerry started Blehm Tool Company with his youngest son, Mark Blehm. Two years later his oldest son, Mike Blehm, Joined the business, completing the Blehm family roster.

Since opening Blehm Tool Company, the Blehm family has continued to Advance the PDR industry by providing tools that are superior in quality, design and performance. Our background in the PDR industry has given us an advantage that is only possible with years of experience. We would be proud to help you with your PDR tools needs and add you to our list of satisfied customers. Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions or comments.

Elim-A-Dent Tools


Elim A Dent LLC is a locally owned and operated family business. We are a God-fearing team striving to give our best while spreading love and good vibes every day! We’ve been entrusted with providing innovative solutions in the PDR industry for 18+ years, and are consistently expanding our operations. Elim A Dent sets the highest standards and brings unparalleled products to the auto reconditioning market. When you choose us for your PDR tools, you only receive finest quality service, complemented with a satisfying personal experience. Our passion for the industry has withstood the test of time and the CSAT score is widely acknowledged.

Anson PDR

Anson PDR, L.L.C., is the leading distributor of Paintless Dent Repair Tools worldwide, located in Arlington, Texas just between Dallas and Fort Worth. With over 18 years in the PDR industry, Anson has proven to serve their customers the best possible products at competitive prices.


Founder, George Dyer, opened Anson Industries in 1996. George passed away suddenly in April of 2014, but Anson is still in the Dyer family. If you stop by our office, you will see George’s son, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter – three generations carrying on the family business!

Today, we are Anson PDR, L.L.C., and we continue to provide the best services and dent removal tools and products in which Anson was founded upon.

Thank you for stopping by and we want to welcome you to the Anson family.

-The Anson Team


We are located at:

Anson PDR

3303 W Division

Suite B

Arlington, TX 76012


Phone#: 817-226-3044


Our hours of operation:

Open: Monday – Friday  8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Closed: Saturday – Sunday and most major holidays.


About Us

Rich Barrett, owner of Pro PDR since 2017 is new to PDR (Paintless Dent Repair), but building on a strong tradition of innovative lights and tools for the professional PDR Technician.  With 20+ years of Sales, Marketing and Engineering experience, Rich is focused on meeting our customer’s needs and the needs of the PDR Industry.

Started by Bill Hulett, Pro PDR (formerly Pro PDR Solutions) is an innovator in LED Lighting products and tools for PDR.  The products and tools are designed for durability, light weight and convenience.  All of our products are made to last for our PDR Techs.

Stanliner PDR Tools

Welcome to STANLINER PDR Tools

Our story started 50 years ago with a small hammer in hand. There were no tools,but we had enormous creativity and vision,which we have been able to carry through years by continiuosly innovating new PDR Technologies and handcrafting tools.

Welcome to the World of Stanliner PDR, where stunning design meets phenomenal functionality.

Handcrafted.Piece by piece…



My name is Drew Lechtenberg. I started in the automotive repair industry in my early 20s. I worked in collision repair shops and painted automobiles, as well as, designed and painted custom motorcycles and helmets. I worked for others and eventually worked on my own. My foray into the paintless dent repair industry began in 1990.After several years of running a door ding route in the Kansas City area, I jumped into hail chasing in the Midwest. A few years later, I decided to pursue chasing hail in the world market. As I traveled around the world, I acquired a desire to find the best tools in the marketplace.PDR techs were secluded in the early years. We designed and made most of our own tools. Some of what I have to offer is of my own design and some of my tools are an evolution of tools I have run across in my travels.

This is the start of a new line of specialty and finishing tools. I am anxious for you to experience the difference good, quality tools can make in our industry. Please email me at info@druztoolz.com with questions, comments, or specific tool requests.

Welcome to Druz Toolz

Drew Lechtenberg


Dent Tools USA specializes in selling paintless dent repair (PDR) tools and accessories worldwide. We carry the best brands which includes; A1 Tools, Advanced PDR, Anson PDR, Black Plague PDR, Carbon Works, Carepoint, Dead On Dent Tools, Dent Gear, Dentcraft, Dneprodent Tools, Druz Tools, Edgy, ElimADent, Finesse, Kwik Bench, Stuckey, Ultra Dent, Woyosmart and more.