Motorcycle Dent Repair Louisville KY

Save time and money with the body shop alternative!

If your motorcycle tank or fender in Louisville KY has dents or dings, call our PDR technicians today at 502-345-0708.

Motorcycle paintless dent repair (MPDR) is the most preferred and cost-effective way to preserve your gas tank, fenders, or other motorcycle part factory or custom finish. We understand motorcycle owners are passionate about their bikes and so is Certified Dent Repair when it comes to dent removal on motorcycle tanks and fenders. Let our decades of experience bring back your tank or fender to its original pre-accident condition. Call or text us today at 502-345-0708.

Removing dents from motorcycle gas tanks can be very tricky. Often access can be an issue along with the thickness of the metal. At Certified Dent Repair, we offer years of experience when it comes to your precious motorcycle gas tank.

Motorcycle PDR Process

Motorcycle Dent Removal

How do we do it? If you own a Harley Davidson, we’ll need your tank off the bike. In some cases, we can remove a dent on the bike but it makes it much more complex and regulates our leverage points. If you own an import or sportbike, we can usually come to you and perform the PDR repair anywhere in Louisville.

Now if you are from a different state, you can send your dented gas tank to us. We then mount it to a special vise that holds the tank firmly in place. It allows us to position it in unique angles so we can obtain the perfect tool leverage. The dent in your gas tank is carefully removed with custom-designed steel rods that gain access behind the dent. We gently apply pressure against the damaged area. Slowly your dent is removed without harming your factory or custom finish.

Depending on the tank itself, the dent removal process can take between 1-4 hours. If we are picking up or you are shipping your gas tank to us, please allow 2-3 days for the dent removal process based on the repairs scheduled ahead. Once completed, we will take after photos and email or text them to you prior to delivery. Please call or text us your photos for a fast and free estimate.

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