Classic Car Dent Repair Louisville KY

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Do you have dents and dings in your classic car? We provide paintless dent removal services in Louisville KY and surrounding areas. Call 502-345-0708.

Classic car dent repair does not have to alter the finish by conventional body repair. Certified Dent Repair can remove damage by proven paintless dent repair methods. We recognize having a ding or dent in your classic car can be a bit nerve-racking. Picking a reputable PDR company to do the job right can be even a bit more nail-biting. We have been established and perfecting the art of PDR for nearly 20 years. We are trusted by many body shops and restoration companies here in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. We are the only area paintless dent repair company with technicians industry certified by Vale National, PDR Nation, ARC, and Recon Master.

Classic Car

How Is The Repair Performed?

Certified Dent Repair takes every job seriously with the awareness about the type of vehicle we are working on. We realize on classic and vintage cars the paint finish isn’t the same and different approaches are needed. There are precautions and a protocol we follow before a dent tool even touches your vehicle to ensure a successful classic car dent repair.

Who Will Perform Your Repair?

Only our highest experienced PDR technician, Certified Master Craftsman Rob McDowell, will be performing your repair. He has over 20 years of experience when it comes to performing paintless dent removal on classic and vintage vehicles. His concours level dent repair skills match the excellence of this type of vehicle. He will personally advise you about the details of the dent removal and go over any questions or concerns you may have before the repair.

Evaluating Your Repair Needs

When evaluating a classic car dent repair, we have a couple factors that are unique. These factors can affect whether paintless dent repair is a viable repair process. The damage can only be assessed in person by a seasoned qualified PDR technician specializing in classic or vintage automobiles.

Age and condition of the paint

Access to the dent or damage

Thickness or the metal

Prior body repair to or near the damaged area

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