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15 Questions PDR Auto Hail Damage Repair

15 QUESTIONS ASKED ABOUT PDR PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR, HAIL DAMAGE, & PDR COMPANIES By Rob McDowell, the PDR Professor. How does paintless dent repair work? The process involves accessing the backside of the panel and pushing the dent up a little bit at a time, using special tools and a lot of training. An accomplished technician […]

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Dry Ice Dent Repair Fact or Fiction

DRY ICE DENT REPAIR EXPLAINED Rob McDowell, the PDR Professor, gives the explanation of the “dry ice” dent repair or technically called “Heat Shrinking Dent Removal Process” in his advanced paintless dent repair class. The Recon Master School of Dents teach all aspects of paintless dent repair and removal. Part of the instruction is the dynamics […]

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